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Pastor Dwane Johnson

Pastor Dwane Johnson and his wife Linda

Pastor Dwane Johnson was born in Ohio in 1944, as one of six children. He graduated in 1963 from Stivers High School, drunk, on probation, and a member of a gang. Wasting the next two years, he was drafted in 1965. He looked upon this event as an opportunity to make a new start and straighten his life out. Though the army provided some much-needed discipline, and on the surface to “clean up his act”, it did not reach deeply enough to affect the inner man. With his time in the army drawing to a close in 1967;  having lost touch with friends from high school; and wanting to continue on a pathway to a better life, he decided to pursue new contacts in order to find a “good girl” with the idea of developing a positive relationship. With that in mind he wrote his brothers requesting that they find a young lady to become a correspondent with him. Through this means he was introduced to a young Christian woman named Linda Turner. During the ensuing courtship, she invited him to attend Faith Baptist Church of Dayton, Ohio, whose pastor at that time was Brother Charles Lynn. Though having been reared in Pentecostal churches; having tried various denominations while in the army; and having completed reading the entire Bible; he was yet without a personal relationship with Christ. During a service at Faith Baptist, he repented of his sins and accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour in 1968 prior to his marriage on June the 8th. Praise the Lord!

The first of their two sons, Dwane Walker Johnson, was born October 14, 1969. Their second son Matthew William Johnson was born May 18, 1976.

 In Brother Bishop’s church, Miami Valley Baptist Church in West Carrolton, Ohio, he began serving God as bus driver and music director. Later, they joined Moraine Heights Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio and ministered under Pastor Travis Hudson.  Dwane taught an adult Sunday School class; conducted one of their three children church groups; drove a bus for the teen department; and headed the mission’s committee. It was there God called him to preach. He began preaching at the nursing homes, state hospital, and rescue missions. He was ordained by MHBC on October 5, 1986. He then spent time pulpit supplying, candidate-ing, and serving as interim pastor for two churches. 

He served as pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Corwin, Ohio, and followed by helping Brother Jon Shonebarger build a church in Columbus, Ohio which later merged with another. In August of 1993 he was called to become the pastor of Riverside Baptist Church in North Platte, Nebraska, where he has faithfully served until the present time. 

He was awarded a master’s and doctorate from Salt Lake Baptist College in 2001. He has had the privilege of preaching in Fiji, Ukraine, and Russia including right on Red Square, which was a life-long dream. He has conducted revival services in both Ohio and Kentucky as well as preached in other churches in the States. He is the author of one book and joyful grandfather to Heather Johnson.

Linda Johnson

Linda Turner was born April 5, 1949, the third of four daughters to William and Stella Turner of Middletown, Ohio.  She was saved at age sixteen while attending Faith Baptist Church of Dayton, Ohio under the preaching of Brother Charles Lynn.  She graduated from Fairmont East High School in 1967, married Dwane Johnson (following the completion of his military service) on June 8, 1968, and continued college classes as a young wife and mother, having borne Dwane Walker Johnson October 14, 1969.  Having earned a bachelor’s degree in art education from Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, she taught two years for the Miamisburg Public School System; bore her second son, Matthew William Johnson, May 18, 1976; then two years later taught one year in a Christian school in Dayton, Ohio.  For the next eight years she homeschooled her sons while serving in church in various capacities, including teaching eight and nine-year-olds, ladies, local missions’ outreaches, etc.  In 1998 she was instrumental in starting and developing intensive, Biblically-based counseling ministries to help those who are experiencing deep-seated, on-going, emotional pain known as Time Apart Ministry and Broken Wing Ministry.  She was awarded her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Salt Lake Baptist College in 2001 and is licensed by the American Association of Christian Therapists.  This ministry has resulted in three books: Lord, I’m Suffering, Help for the Hurting, and Help for the Counselor.  In 2001 she also started a deaf ministry, including teaching sign language to others.  She also has used this skill to interpret for the court system and the Nebraska State probation department.